The Biosymtec™ story actually began here at a company managed by Biosymtec Medical's current CTO.   It was here he gained substantial background in monitoring and graphing the health of chronically ill people.   It is also where he received experience in monitoring the reproductive cycles of over 400 infertility patients, adding to his experience researching infertility with the University of Illinois College of Medicine and the Medical College of Wisconsin, years earlier.

In 2004 John Beiswenger and Jody Taualofai, an RN, traveled to Hong Kong to research his discovery that respiratory infections could be detected days before fevers developed.

Beginning in 2007, John formed a research team, now on Biosymtec Medical's Advisory Board, and for 12 years they researched pre-symptomatic signs of infection, resulting in the medical device now known as the Biosymtec Monitor.

Biosymtec Medical, Inc. was incorporated in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania early in 2019.


Biosymtec Medical believes that while YOU are ultimately responsible for YOUR health, it is not something you do alone.   Your care-team behind you includes your doctor and nursing staff, of course, but that important circle may also include caregivers and family members, all of whom are personally vested in your health.   We have developed the Biosymtec Monitor and Biosymtec System to quickly and easily connect you with your care-team.   By automatically sharing your biometric data with them daily, everyone is provided advance notice of emerging health conditions which enables early intervention.

Early Detection, Rapid Response, Better Outcomes.

Path to Profitability

The path to Biosymtec Medical's profitability with sustainable revenues has been laid out in incremental phases beginning with the sales to key specialists in the target markets (COPD, asthma, CHF, CF).

Revenue Paradigm:   Sales of Biosymtec Monitors will place devices in the hands of patients to monitor themselves daily.   Purchased Biosymtec Apps will permit patients to view the proprietary-template graphs of the results directly on their smartphones.   The patients' smartphones will automatically forward the graph data to the Biosymtec System where caretakers, physicians, hospitals and corporate health clinics, who have purchased subscriptions to the Biosymtec System, can view the graphs of the patients, and in the case of medical personnel, get paid by the insurance carrier to review the graphs.


Tom French possesses a 30-year professional track record creating shareholder value start-ups and turn-arounds. His holistic approach to improving business performance by seamlessly integrating market strategy with operations, sales, marketing and customer service while creating high-functioning teams establishes a platform for growth. Tom led a marketing-driven, turn-around of the largest US cable company precipitating a $48B sale to AT&T. He turned-around an innovative biotech company, secured EPA and FDA approval of technology, built a 20-item line of consumer and commercial products, achieved nation-wide distribution with the #1 Pharmacy retailer and raised $4.5M to expand operations and enter new markets for this technology. John Beiswenger has 50 years of product research, design engineering, product development, manufacturing, product management, general management, marketing and sales experience in high volume consumer and commercial hard goods. This includes 20 years in health monitoring technology. He has placed over 65 products into production, monitoring pilot production in the U.S., Ireland, France, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Mainland China. Mr. Beiswenger is named on over 30 U.S. and foreign utility patents, the most recent including color LCD touch display technology, digital alarm clock electronics, fingerprint scanning technology, surgical instrument sterilization, bioterrorism detection
and predictive health monitoring technology.

Advisory Board

Product and System Development Team

Further, we have put in place mechanical, electrical, electronic and software engineers experienced in developing medical devices.   We also have a working relationship with a state-of-the-art short-run electronics manufacturer.   We will complete our pilot run for clinical trials in just 35 weeks from funding.

Early Detection, allows for Rapid Response, producing Better Outcomes

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